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April 2021

September/ October 2022

Our Polocrosse season is full steam ahead with many new competitions happening this year. A couple weekends ago was the club champs which the South midlands hosted, we had 36 members compete at the club champs. There was 3 full Perth teams, and 5 senior members what where popped into the pool. At the carnival they held a junior competition there was 3 divisions in the juniors we (Perth clubs) had 11 juniors compete in this competition, such a good opportunity to play with new people from different clubs been coached by experienced people. There was a team from NSW come over and compete in the junior A  competition, this team will also be playing at our carnival where new junior teams will be selected.  The Perth D grade team came out with the win for weekend winning in overtime very intense moment for all which ended with a free goal to us to take the win, I don't know about anyone else but I think that's not a bad way to win a game.Well done to the D grade team. 

Results from Souths: A grade Capel winner

                                                   B grade Mobrup Winners

                                                   C grade Foothills Winners

                                                   E grade Murray Winners

                                                   Junior A Elite floats winners- Tatum Ryan won the ASH  award on  Fortune playing in the winning team Elite Floats

                                                   Junior B Dolphins Winners

                                                   Junior E Stockcare stallions- Faith Ryan won Best pony on Cameo playing in the winning team stock care stallions

Congratulations to the Faith and Tatum Ryan

There was a junior expedition match at this years Perth royal show where the NSW and the billets from WA of the NSW players competed at. For anyone who doesn't know what a billet does is they are first selected and put in a team than they get matched with one of the players what have come over from the other state where they than lean that player a horse and host them at their home or something like that anyways. The Ryan family were one of the billets families to participant in the royal show this year what a great experience it must of been. 

There is an open competition named "The way out west competition" which is been held at our carnival, this competition has 3 WA selected teams and a visiting team from NSW. At South Midlands presentations the teams got announced for who was going to be playing in the teams, two Perth members have been selected to play in the competitions, so a big congratulations to Dean Ryan and Charlie Freeman for been selected and best of luck in all your games. 

Our carnival is this weekend there has been many busy club members coming together to make the gorunds look tidy and for the carnival to go smoothly. when the carnival is here please make sure you do your part and help in the canteen or cleaning it doesn't have to be much, but we don't want anyone been stuck doing something because there's no one to do a shift. There will be a canteen roster come out I'm pretty sure please make sure you show up for your shift so the people in there can have a break, we know that there are people playing but once you have have finished playing and sorting your horse out just pop your head in and ask if there is anything you can do to help.

Make sure you are checking your emails with the many updates coming through regarding the carnival there's  the coaching clinic Thursday and Friday where the NSW players who are competing in the way out west competition are going to be coaching whoever is attending the clinic.

 See you all at the carnival . 

 Special thanks to our amazing sponsors :  Link to sponsors 

March 2018

How lucky are we to have members that have machinery that they are willing to use to help our club. On top of that they donate their time and muscles. Last weekend Dean, PJ, Mary and Phil rolled up their sleeves, filled their engines and sorted through a lot of rubbish that has been dumped at the SEC. 

It was a huge job and fortunately all the snakes that call that area home had moved out that day. They have it all sorted in to piles for recycling/rubbish collection.

Let's not forget the generosity of Adrian Lester for sending a young man

to paint the office.

Written by Penelope Gray

February 2018

Well this year is going to be a huge year for WA and for our Perth Club. It's going to take ALL club members to help make the Nationals a success. Although it seems like we have many months to go, work to organise this event needs to start now. Please go to and complete the form. We need to have volunteers allocated as soon as possible. There will be jobs to do before, during and of course after (clean up) the event. Those members that have already done this Thank you. Keep an eye on our facebook page and your emails for jobs, I have found it's a great way to get to know your club by volunteering.

January 2018

Well another year has passed and a new committee has been elected. See below. 

Committee 2018 :-

President-             Simon Gray

Vice President-    Amy McDonald

Captain-                Dean Ryan

Vice Capitan-       Rachel Day

Coach-                   Rachel Day

Secretary-             Penelope Gray

Treasurer-             Mary Day

Horse welfare-    Amy McDonald

Vollie officer-       Sonia Broi

Umpire-                Phil Day

Committee-             Saskia Lane

                               Matt Welsh

                              Hayley Saunders

                              Nicole Waddingham

                             Courtney Westmoreland

                            Barney Langford

                           Michael Abbott

                             Phil Day

December 2017

Great day on Sunday at The Henley Brook for our 2017 Season Wind Up. Thank you to The Hen for having us again, good venue, great food & drink and of course great company. Thanks to Simon & Penelope for arranging such a great day & for putting together such fantastic prizes for our winners! Also thanks to the selectors for their hard work in selecting the winners, lots of discussion with hard decisions made!

Results are as follows;

Fairest & Best Junior E, Henry Pratley

Fairest & Best E Grade, Brittney Stokes

Fairest & Best U16, Asha Smith

Fairest & Best D Grade, Tracey Smith

Fairest & Best C Grade, Marnie Walsh

Fairest & Best B Grade, Charlie Freeman

Fairest & Best A Grade, Chris Dunlop

Most Improved Overall, Saskia Lane

Best Presented, Donna McConkey

The Balwyn Trophy for Champion Club Horse, Edenhope Smash ridden by Marnie Walsh

Junior (U18) Volunteer, Quinlan Lane

Senior Volunteer, Michael Abbott

Clubmen, Mary Day & Sonia Broi

The Eve Muir Perpetually Late Trophy Runner Up, Brittney Stokes

April 2017

Yet another fantastic day at Ledge Point this year playing in front of an appreciative crowd. A huge thank to Ledge Point for having us again, it's a pleasure to ride on that lovely grass. We showed how anyone can play polocrosse, from little 11 year old Finn on his pony to us more mature players (we know who we are ;)) all at different levels - perhaps one day some of our higher level players will make the trip to show the crowd the full range of skills polocrosse has.

This from Rachel who did a wonderful job of organizing this event again :-

THANK YOU!! To everyone who came today and to all who helped out in the lead up! What a fantastic day we had, I really appreciate everyone making the effort to promote our sport & our club 👌🏻❤️

Thanks to Amy for collecting all the stuff I needed from the grounds during the week, Amy (again), Sonia & Murray for driving up to Ledge Point yesterday to survey the field, thanks to Wendy for timekeeping & scoring today and thanks to Shaynon & Courtney for bringing up the goal posts.

We raised $500 for the club today by doing this, not heaps but better than nothing so thanks again to you all for making the effort for our club💞

And we can not forget Juzzy, Hayley, Graham and the crew from The Henley Brook for the sponsorship of the teams! #gotheroosters

Big thanks to Daniel Maloney also for commentating both games for us, it really does make a huge difference!

Thanks to Simon who spent most of the day replacing bell boots, doing up girths,catching balls and giving advice.

And of course we couldn't play without our umpires. Thanks Mary, Rachel and Amy for keeping us all in line and looking good.

The Roosters getting a pep talk from their youngest

member, which clearly worked as they won on the day. Well done team.

Photo credits go to Rayelene Wright at Tigersharks Photography. To see more amazing photos check out her facebook site. Thank you Rayelene.

January 2017

Well another fantastic year of polocrosse is over and things are now ramping up again for this year to come. 

A new committee has been elected and if you would like to read our presidents report click here.

Committee 2017:-

President-             Simon Gray

Vice President-    Amy McDonald

Captain-                Dean Ryan

Vice Capitan-       Chris Dunlop

Coach-                   Chris Dunlop

Secretary-             Penelope Dunn

Treasurer-             Mary Day

Horse welfare-    Amy McDonald

Vollie officer-       Sonia Broi

Umpire-                Phil Day

Committee-            Katie Ryan

                               Courtney Westmoreland

                              Rachel Day

                              Michael Abbott

                              Phil Day

                              Chris Dunlop

                              Gina Looke

                                Eve Muir

And from our Caption Chris Dunlop, some thoughts on last season and hopes for 2017.

Captains Report 2016

2016 was a successful year for the club, beginning with a number of members representing WA at the Nationals in April.

At a local level much improvement occurred across the board with a number of sides making finals regularly. Our younger members in particular have shown rapid improvement, with the highlight for this group being domination of the junior grade at the State Championships.

Personally I would like to thank Mary Day, Dean Ryan and Graham Lane for their contributions to the task of team selection and for their assistance in running practices. I would also like to thank all members of the club for bringing a positive and constructive attitude to their polocrosse, it makes it a pleasure to provide input when it is well received.

Turning my attention to the coming year I would like to see some growth in the number of people imparting their wisdom on to developing members, particularly amongst our rising stars. A number of our younger players have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of polocrosse and there is a great opportunity to develop themselves and those around them by learning the skill of teaching and in the process expanding their own knowledge of the game.

April 2016

Fantastic day out for The Perth Polocrosse Club members that didn't attend the ‪#‎alb2016‬ National Polocrosse Championships!

Thanks to The Ledge Point Community Association for having us back for a second year!

Thanks to Rachel Day, Murray Fairhead, Pam Sewell, Sonia Broi & Amy MacDonald who went up to Ledge Point on Saturday to mark out the field.

Thanks to our Man on the Mike Daniel (Wiz) Maloney for his outstanding commentary, we really appreciate you coming out, great commentary really makes the game better!

And of course thanks to our great members Shaynon Easther, Jodie Kay, Tracey Smith, Amy MacDonald, Murray Fairhead, Sean Mullins, Gen Leehane, Brittney Stokes, Georgia Knapp, Kaddy Murch, Courtney Westmoreland & Sonia Broi for making the trip with your horses to showcase our fantastic sport! Thanks to all our strappers/helpers too!

Last but definitely not least a massive THANK YOU to past Perth Polocrosse Club members Tim & Kaye Coleman who donated the Ledge Point Polocrosse in the Park Perpetual Trophy! Which was won by Perth Blue by only one goal!

Thanks to Rayelene Wright for again taking fantastic photos, some included below with some from members of the club.

Rachel with Mike Daniel (Wiz) Maloney doing an awesome job of commentating on the game.

A bit of practice to see who will carry the flag, Silent being a big contender.

Courtney and Sid doing a fantastic job leading us in with the flag.

Shaynon Easther proving you are never too old for a swing.

Lined up at the end with Tim & Kaye Coleman who donated the Ledge Point Polocrosse in the Park Perpetual Trophy!

Got to get those lines straight. Thanks to Murray Fairhead for making it a lot easier to mark the field out this year.

But poor Rachel has a mishap and was unable to ride.

Team talk

Amy MacDonald accepting Ledge Point Polocrosse in the Park Perpetual Trophy

Our little mascot and assistant umpire, Georgia who was the envy of all the kids there.

To see more fantastic action photos see Rayelene Wright of Tigersharks Photography.

December 2015

Another polocrosse season done & dusted for The Perth Polocrosse Club, we officially closed the 2015 season yesterday with our AGM & Wind Up. Thanks goes to the Abbott family for holding the windup at their lovely property. A new committee was voted in and then trophies were awarded to some well deserving members.

Results from the wind up are as follows;

Fairest & Best Junior E Grade Player- Finn Cappon

Fairest & Best E Grade Player- Brodie McEntee

Fairest & Best D Grade Player- Marina Lane

Fairest & Best C Grade Player- Katie Ryan

Fairest & Best B Grade Player- Adrian Lester

Fairest & Best A Grade Player- Chris Dunlop

Fairest & Best Junior Player- Jake Wilding

Most Improved Overall- Asha Smith

Best Presented Player- Taj Smith

The Balwyn/Lester Family Overall Champion Horse of the Club- Rosebrook Corona ridden by Chris Dunlop

Club Person Award- Simon Gray

Junior Volunteer of the year- Quinlan Lane

Senior Volunteer of the year- Mandy Woodall

Well done everyone and we hope to see you all next year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

October 2015

This weekend was the Southern Zone championships at the Kojonup Polo and Polocrosse Club.

The Western Australian State Representative Teams have been announced and The Perth Polocrosse Club would like to extend a huge congratulations to all players selected especially Perth Members Chris Dunlop (Open Mens), Adrian Lester (Masters Mixed), Victoria Woodall (U21 Women), Taj Smith, Patrick Muir, Jake Wilding (U21 Men), Asha Smith (Junior Girls) & Quinlan Lane (Junior Boys) well done everyone and good luck for your preparation for Albury!

August 2015

From everyone at the Perth Polocrosse Club we would like to extend our congratulations to Dave and Hayley and now big brothers Chaise and Austin Saunders on the safe arrival of little Lily Dorothy Saunders, born yesterday at 3:30pm.

Ride around Brigadoon

Fields too wet for practice, so lets go for a ride around Brigadoon. Over 20 riders enjoying the lovely Brigadoon scenary.

July 2015

All Equestrian Extravaganza

Last weekend The Perth Polocrosse Club was invited to do a display in the All Equestrian Extravaganza. Although on the night their time slot was reduced dramatically, they showed an enthusiastic audience a very respectable performance not withstanding the fact that the compere swapped the ball to a football. Congrats to Tory, Patrick, Chloe, Amy, Rachel, Penelope, Courtney, Georgina and of course Simon who was the umpire. Also to Michael Abbott who did the commentary. It was a huge effort for a 4 minute chukka but I feel the audience will definitely have some insight in to the game of polocrosse now. To see some pretty average photos of the night, (sorry camera playing up) click here. Hopefully someone else will have some better ones.

Video credit Claire Bingham-Hardacre

May 2015

Check out this article in The Australian by Sonia Kohlbacher who has recently become a member of Perth Polocrosse Club.

March 2015

The 2015 season has started.

There have been a few casual practices at the SEC.

Don't forget to check your emails for notice of the next one.

The Perth Polocrosse Club would like to extend their Congratulations to Mel & Darren Gregory and Sharna Hall & Michael Bell on the safe arrivals of these two beautiful girls. Aren't they both just divine?!

Aug 2014

South Midlands Carnival

Perth represented their club on the weekend at South Midlands with seven teams plus three junior E players. What looked like to be a very wet weekend turned into quite a dry dust free two days of polocrosse. The selectors and coaches were kept busy trying to keep up with all the yellow shirts on the fields and of course we ended up having to wear our blue ones as well because we had so many teams in the same grades. Also saw South Midlands members playing in our blue shirts!

Thank you to all the coaches and players who helped our players in their teams, our D and E need all the encouragement and coaching they can get as it is very daunting playing this sport let alone getting prepared to play. Keep practicing the tail braiding and bandaging you are getting better, I appreciate the way our lower grade players and families all help each other.

Thank you South Midlands and my team mates for the weekend.

Mary Day

May 2014


As everyone knows, Mary is always looking for ways to improve the performance of the Perth members. One way to encourage flexibility, build strength and balance is to play Horseball. So Mary recruited a few members on Saturday for the first attempt guided by Diane who was very patient with everyone and did a great job of coaching for the morning. Thank you Diane, I'm sure there will be many more people lining up to join the next session and thanks to Mary for organising such a fun event.

Mary and Eve having a good laugh from the sideline

If the video's don't work on this page click on the youtube logo at bottom of the video.

Another new member to the club is Jade Pamela Smith who was born on the 5th of May. Tracey and Marks first baby, a new baby on Timaru road! Tiny baby at 5 pound 14 ounces, 50cm long. All doing well. Congratulations to both Tracey and Mark.

April 2014

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Greg, Trudy, Amelia and Hunter for their new baby girl, temporarily named Touloola Cuddles Kirsch 3.5kg / 7lb 11oz. 50cm

Practice March 2014 SEC

Video not edited

The season has started with a successful first official practice at the club's fields at the State Equestrian Centre. Although it was a hot day plenty of members turned up full of enthusiasm, so it was a great start to the new season.

For more action shots please see the Photo Gallery folder Practice Mar 2014 SEC

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