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Horse Health

Equissage has a special suspensory system that generates therapy in a circular motion in every direction. This type of suspension causes the energy of the Equissage to penetrate deeply, but gently throughout your horse’s entire body, for optimal results.

  • Increased Circulation and Localised Blood Flow, which is essential for a fast, effective recovery and rehabilitation. Equissage Back Pad will help to stimulate blood through 4 foot of bone and 2 foot of tissue to provide a full body treatment. The Equissage Hand Unit will improve local blood flow, stimulating fresh, nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to areas you need it most, providing a healing environment to treat problem areas and speed up the recovery process.

  • Improved lymphatic drainage, which helps to flush out the toxins and remove waste in your horses body, including lactic acid build up in the muscles and inflammation in the joints. The Equissage Hand Unit in conjunction with the Back Pad will help to break down scar tissue and reduce calcification.

  • Relaxation of the muscles, which naturally helps to relieve pain, unlock tension, ease bruised tissue and relax muscle spasm.

Improved joint mobility, as a result of a speedier more effective recovery.

If you would like to treat your horse/pony to a massage please contact Sonia 0474 137 868.

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