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Members Section

Welcome to the Perth Polocrosse Club members section. Here you will find the information you need to keep up with what is happening in the club.

For a general guide of how to get your horses fit for the polocrosse season click here. This is a guide only

Please use our webstore to pay Membership fees and to order any merchandise.

Last Updated March 2018

As a Good Sports club, we’re committed to running safe

celebrations for our members and guests.

We’re proud to host safe events, celebrating our achievements in a

way that everyone can feel included. Our safe transport policy and

alcohol management strategies help to make sure that club

functions and events are memorable for the right reasons.

When attending club-run events, don’t be a party pooper and have a

game-plan. Plan your transport home and make sure to fuel your

body with plenty of food and water.

There’s a lot to celebrate at our club; let’s do it the safe way.




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