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If you have an umpire horse please complete the form below.

Owners Name*

Mobile No*

Email Address*

Horse/s Name/s*

Horse/s Age/s*

Grade Horse/s normally plays*

Horse/s Brand/s (If you want to be included in an Umpire horse OTTB competition, you must enter brands)

How many seasons has horse/s played*

What grade has horse/s umpired*


We may be running an umpire horse OTTB competition. If you would like your horse to be included, please nominate your horse to asap.

All umpire horses will be cared for by the PAWA. If you choose to purchase a yard for your horse rather than it being kept with all the umpire horses you must indicate this on your camping form. If you look after your own umpire horse/s it must be delivered to the umpire horse yard before 8am daily.

NOTE: NO HORSES CAN BE KEPT IN THE CAMPING AREAS e.g. no yards attached to floats/trucks/goosenecks in camping areas.

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